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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our backup and disaster recovery plan should be a crucial part of your operations. Learn more below. 

Critical Server Insurance

Protect physical & virtual machines —
VMware, Hyper-V, Linux, Windows;
Image-based as well as file-and-folder
options for backup

Ransomware Mitigation

Quickly restore clean versions of files,
folders, apps, or full system

Boot-Ready in Minutes

Industry-leading, boot-ready time for
failover. Average: 2 minutes!

True Local Disaster Recovery

Spin up VMs on local appliance for
micro-disasters or small crashes

Backed Up to the Cloud

All local data is deduplicated and
securely stored in the cloud

Agentless, Native support for VMware and Hyper-V

Easy to deploy machine discovery
and policy control is faster than
touching each system with an agent

Guided Disaster Recovery Testing

Let us help you in implementing a guided disaster recovery test to ensure you are prepared. Check out some of the features below.

End-to-End Plan Review

Detailed review of your
end-to-end disaster recovery
plan including
recommendations for

One-on-One Support

Dedicated testing sessions
cover: backup systems, DR
site connectivity, and restore

Live Assistance

Highly-trained professionals
guide you through DR
improvements via

Test Report

Report provides
comprehensive feedback
and path-forward analysis
outlining recommendations
and best practice

Optimized Investment

Reduce loss of data that can
affect productivity, customer
satisfaction, and profitability

Full Data Erasure

Learn more about how our data erasure solutions can provide value for your agency.

Standard Compliance

Our solution complies with over 24 global data erasure standards. 

Hardware Asset Health Assessment

The solution we provide also comes with a mobile and hard drive asset health assesment to obtain maximum returns on resale value.

Data Erasure over LAN

Our solution can be configured on a local area network to erase multiple devices at once. 

Certified Data Erasure Report

Once the data has been fully wiped you will receive a report that guarantees compliance with international data protection regulations.

data erasure